Neal Brennan - Unqualified Roman Emperors

The One with the Childhood Crushes Season 1, Ep 1 07/24/2014 Views: 16,591

Neal Brennan explains how the Internet is ruining criticism. (0:56)

Look, these computers are toopowerful, am I right?

Just these phones and computersare great, but they'retoo powerful.

We're turn-- we're all likeRoman Emperors now...

just on our computers all day...

on Facebook and YouTube.

Don't like, that I like.

Incoming call... ignore.

We gotta figure this out,because we have people givingthese, that are not qualified.

Because I was on YouTube,Beethoven's 5th Symphony.


Like the most famous songof all-time.

10,000 dislikes on YouTube.

I'm not kidding, that manypeople were like...

"Your music stinks, bro, andI know music, I'm from Tampa.Thumbs down."