Adam Sandler - Girlfriends

Sandler, Wise, Jamal Season 1, Ep 11 05/30/1994 Views: 45,226

Pretty girls intimidate Adam. (1:53)

Everyone looks verynice, not just me.

I think everyonehere looks good.

I think uh, a lotof pretty girls.

I like looking at the prettygirls, very nice to look at.

I don't like talkingto them that much.

They kinda get me nervous.

I get intimidated.

I saw this good lookinggirl the other day,

I was with my friend, myfriend goes, "look at her,

she's beautiful."

"Ah, yeah, she's nice."

He goes, "well, go ask her out."

"I-- I don't know, I don'tknow what to say to her,

she's too good looking."

He goes, "just ask her out.

The worst she'sgoing to say is no."

So I asked her out and she goes,"get away from me, you loser."


Kinda like, I think youbroke the rules there.

It's I, uh I'm kinda youngto be having a girlfriend.

I don't know, it's, havinga girlfriend's like too much

of a commitment atmy age right now.

But she's such a nice girl.

I think, I don't know,maybe I'm in love,

but I kind of wantto break up with her.

I can't-- I can't doit, though, you know.

Like every time I-- Istart, I look in her eyes

and I can finish off becauseshe's such a nice girl.

I'm like, um, just thingsare weird, you know, and we--

it's just, we're kind ofyoung, and we gotta-- you know,

it's just uh, it's thiscommitment thing-- we just--

we gotta get married very soon.

Very soon.

It's all right.

No, I want to marry you.

It's OK.

Breakup songs.

A lot of break up songshave the same theme

in the song the guy sings.

"Baby, you're seeingsomebody new now,

but if he treats you bad,I'll always be here for you,

because I love you very much."

They should make that alittle more realistic.

You know, "youseeing somebody new

now, if he treatsyou bad, good!"

Why should I sufferalone, you whore?

No one likes to suffer.

I don't like to suffer.

You know what I meant.

If a girl breaksup with me, I want

her to just die, just be dead.

Not because-- not because I hateher so much, it's just easier

when my friends go,"hey what happened?"

Oh, she's dead.

She's dead.

I'd still be withher, but she's dead.

What can I do?

She was loving me,but she's dead.