Gina Yashere - Hispanic People

Friedlander, Woodhull, Yashere, Kagan, Koll, Watkins, Ron G Season 4, Ep 8 12/11/2009 Views: 6,236

There aren't a lot of Hispanic people in England. Probably because it's a much longer swim. (1:59)

Good evening, sir.Good evening.

Yeah, I do really speaklike this, people.

I do really speak like this.

There are black peoplein England, did you know?

Did you know?!Hey, did you know?!

We are everywhere.

You cannot escape us.

You're looking at meall confused, like,

she's looking at me, like,

"Oh, my God, I thinkit's an aborigine."

No, it isn't, no.

But I'm here now.I'm here in America.

I'm loving it. I've beenout here a little while now,

nearly two years now.Enjoying myself.

I've learned a lotsince I've come to America.

I've learned a lot, learneda lot. What have I learned?

Uh, I'd never seen Hispanicpeople before I came to America.

Never seen Hispanic people.I'm from England.

We haven't got Hispanic people.

We haven't got, like, lots ofMexicans, Puerto Ricans,

Cubans. I supposeit's a much longer swim.

But the thing is...

(lingering laughter)

I get the feelingI shouldn't have said that.

Shouldn't have said that?

What's gonna happen?

Am I gonna get messed upby a cholo on the way home?

What's gonna happen?

I'd never seen Hispanic people,never.

Especially the darker-skinnedones, the darker ones.

They're the onesthat confuse me.

'Cause the first timeI ever came to America,

I was here in New Yorkon the subway,

and I was sittingopposite three people

I assumed were black!

And then they started speaking.

"┬┐Que paso?"

And I was, like, (gasps)

"Black people havetheir own language.

Take a picture, quick.Take a picture."