Between the Scenes - Feminism in South Africa

January 23, 2017 - Matt Taibbi 01/23/2017 Views: 18,022

After a worldwide series of Women's Marches, Trevor reflects on growing up in apartheid South Africa with powerful female resistance leaders like Winnie Mandela. (1:01)

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- It's funny, in South Africa, we have a saying,

and you must remember because of so many of the

struggle leaders inSouth Africa were either

imprisoned or exiled, the movement in South Africa

was held together in large part by women in the country.

And so it's weird forme 'cause I understand,

you travel the world, you understand that everywhere

feminism is different and the idea of women is different

but I grew up in a world that was very matriarchal

and where women were the most dangerous freedom fighters

that existed.

(audience cheers and claps)

It's true, you read up on Winnie Mandela,

like, Nelson Mandela was an icon,

but the police in the country were afraid of Winnie Mandela,

you know, they were, and we had a phrase in South Africa

that was, we still use it today, which was

(speaks South African)

Which means you strike a woman, you strike a rock,

and that's what I grew up learning.

That's, those kudos, man. (audience cheers and claps)

There was fire, there was fire,

and a lot of the time my mom would strike me with a rock,

and ... (audience laughs)

(rock music)