Team-Building Retreat

Murder on the Planet Express Season 7, Ep 24 08/21/2013 Views: 13,110

The Planet Express crew heads out on a team-building retreat to repair some trust issues within the group, but things don't exactly go as planned. (1:52)

Look what you made me do.

We're going on a corporateteam-building retreat.

What?!Oh, man!Come on!


(upbeat music plays)

Hello, Planet Express!

I'm Dan McMasters,and I'll be your retreat leader

for a week of funand personal empowerment.

I hope you're happy!

Who are you?

Jackie Jr., ma'am.

Jackie Jr.'smy apprentice.

I figure if he'sgonna work here,

he might as wellget to know the team.

Who's she?I don't know.

So I hear we've been havingsome trust issues, huh?

Well, for the next week,

we'll be doing hundreds of trustfalls from every possible height

and level of gravity.

Or we could not do tt.

At the start of every retreat,I like to demonstrate

the power of trustby finding a perfect stranger

to be my assistant.

Leela, do me a solidand pick up

the next space hitchhikeryou see.

(squealing brakes sound)

You going to Andromedaor thereabouts?

No, sir,

but how would you liketo be part

of an excitingbusiness retreat?

Mm, just don't drop me offon an asteroid

like the last guy did.

Okay, team, if I can trusta total stranger,

you can sure as hecktrust your own coworkers.

In fact, I'm gonna make

the first trust fallof the week

backwards into the waiting armsof my new assistant.

Just stand here like so.

Good. I'll fall backwards,and you catch me.

I trust you...!


(all shrieking)