Kevin Hart - Welcome to the Penthouse

Birmingham Season 1, Ep 8 11/20/2016 Views: 1,669

While in Birmingham, Ala., Kevin Hart tries to relax in the penthouse of a hotel, but his friends Joey Wells and Harry Ratchford interrupt (and embarrass) him. (1:31)

- You ready?You all set?

I got you.


Hey, people.

Kevin Hart here,and I'm comfortable.

Real comfortable.I got my shoes off.

I got my thighs out.

Why am I comfortable?

I'll tell you why, because I'min Birmingham, Alabama.

It's a city with good peopleand people who love to laugh.

How do I know that?Because I've done comedy

here several times, man.

This penthousethat I'm in right now?

The first penthousethat I've ever stayed in.

I ain't lying, 'cause I'vestayed--that's a lie.

I can't lie to you guys.

I--I wanted to stayin this penthouse,

when I was coming to Birmingham,but I couldn't afford it,

so I stayed in the junior suite.It's not about me.

Let's not evenmake this about me.

We're here to find new talent.

The new generation of comediansthat are coming--

What are you--what are you doing?

- Have you seen a phone?I'm trying to

order room service.- Brother, I'm doing--

- Where the phone at?- I'm doing the intro.

- Hey, you got cable?- I'm doing the intro!

- My room ain't got cable.- Ju--

This is not your room.It's mine.

- You right, you right,you right, you right...

- Where the phone?- This is my room.

- Where the phone?- I ain't got no phone.

- What--? I said it's--[yells]

- There go the phone.There go the phone.

- Now I got the phone.

- Ha, how y'all getkeys to my room?

That's the questionof the day.

People are gonna thinkthat we--that we're grouping up,

but that's not the case,'cause I'm a star.

We're here to talkabout the new gen--

- Kev, how much you sayI got to put in on this?

- I said get your assto the room, Harry.