Monumental Bender

A Pharaoh to Remember Season 4, Ep 7 02/08/2008 Views: 5,489

Bender, now a newly crowned pharaoh, instructs his people to construct a giant tribute. (1:52)

People of Osiris Four

please welcome a manwho started as a slave

but worked his way upto Lord of AlCreation--

our new Pharaoh, Bender!

( cheering )

( rock beat )

Citizens of me

the cruelty of the old Pharaohis a thing of the past.

( cheering )

Let a whole new wave of crueltywash over this lazy land.

( cheering subsides )

What?What did he say?

Hear the word of Pharaoh.

Build unto me a statueof ridiculous proportion--

one billion cubits in height

that I might be rememberedfor all eternity.

And be quick about it.

( yelling in pain )

( grunting and groaning )

Lowly slave, why areyou not working?

I am.

I meant yourself to death.

Mighty Pharaoh...

it hurtswhen I breathe.

Well, then what do you thinkyou should stop doing?

Crawl, pigs.


The Pharaoh has spoken.

( all groaning )

( whip cracking )

BENDER:Your task is nearly completed.

Don't let down Pharaoh now.