Andy Haynes - Great Time to Be Broke

Andy Haynes Season 2, Ep 13 06/14/2013 Views: 9,425

Despite being broke, Andy Haynes has discovered that he can't do things that other broke people do because of his appearance. (1:36)

All right. Hello Boston.How are you guys.

(crowd cheering)


I am... I'm very good.

Uh, but I'm broke.

I'm very broke.

Is anybody broke here?

(crowd cheering)

It is not a good thing.It's not a good thing.

Do not celebrate it, but...

it is a great timeto be broke, huh?

Nobody blames you.

It's the economy.


It's not that you'rehorrible with decisions,

waste money constantly,dumb-ass.

It's the economy.

People are like,"It's hard out there."

You're like,"Yeah, I'll co-op that."

Bong rip 8:00 a.m.

Ambition, uh...

I don't like being broke thoughbecause I don't look broke.

I look like a senator's nephew.

Hi, hello.

I look like all the presidentsexcept the current one.


I'm "Insert Name" Romney, uh...

Yeah, I don't like being broke.

I can't do broke things.

Like, uh, I usedto live in Brooklyn.

I used to live in, um, Brooklyn,I would work in Brooklyn

in, like, kind ofbad neighborhoods.

Like, I'd have to takethe train out to these

really bad neighborhoods,and I mean, like, bad.

Like, they didn't even havebrunch in these neighborhoods.

But people would see meon the train and they'd be like,

"Oh, my God, a lost prince."

And they would tryto return me for a reward.

I'm like,"No kingdom is missing me."