Michael Palascak - Bed and Breakfast

Michael Palascak Season 1, Ep 2 05/11/2012 Views: 6,961

Michael Palascak feels uncomfortable with the possibility of a ghost baby sharing his room at a bed and breakfast. (3:19)

So great to see all of you.

Great to see you, too, uh...

I was staying ata hotel recently,

and usually peoplethat work at hotels,

they want you to feel good.

They want to take care of you,make sure everything is okay.

But sometimes they don't.

Like one time, I tried to geta late check-out at a hotel

and the lady, the lady,like, freaked out.

I was like,"Can I get a late check-out?"

She's like,"Oh, I don't have that power."


Can we summon someone who does?

By the power of Hotelskull!

I wanted to be like, "You got tobelieve in yourself.

"Maybe you do have that power

and you don't even know it."

One time, I was in a reallysmall town,

and they didn't have hotels.

So they put me upat a bed and breakfast,

which is the exactsame thing as a hotel

except at someone's house.

Like, a familyalready lives there.

I felt like an orphanthat had a new family.

I wanted to rebel immediately.

What time do youwant breakfast tomorrow?

"I know how to live my life!

I'm going to leave tomorrowand never come back."

They were nice people.It was a nice place.

They just had a lot of antiques.

And antiques are great,but they're old,

so maybe justget rid of them. Yeah?

Maybe just get rid of them.

Like in the corner of the roomthat I was supposed to sleep in,

was a small empty antique crib.Yeah... yeah.

Just in the room that I wassupposed to sleep in.

Just an empty... crib.

Empty wooden crib. That's...that's not something

I requestedwhen I checked in.


"Sir, is everything okay?"

Yeah, but can I get a place fora ghost-baby to sleep?

I really want to playpeek-a-boo all night long

and not even know it.That's how I sleep at night.

I can't sleep with a possibleghost-baby in my room.

I don't know how I'd take careof a real baby,

let alone a ghost-baby.

Like a real baby cries,you give it food

or you walk away quickly.

A ghost-baby cries, there's waymore to it than that.

There's revenge issues.

There's a reasonit's not at rest.

But at the same time,it's a baby,

so it doesn't know how tocommunicate very well yet.

I just end updriving around like,

"Which hospital burnt down?

"Point at it as we pass!

"I can't understand youwhen you just yell...

"You better be in your car seat.