Laura Kightlinger - Trying Too Hard

Laura Kightlinger Season 1, Ep 11 09/11/2007 Views: 4,148

Laura can't look at somebody's sex face. (3:15)

>> Well, first of all, I have a


And that is, I never look at

somebody's face while we're

having sex because number one,

what if I know the guy?


You know, it's never going to

be the right face.

And I happen to look at this

guy, and the guy is doing this.


Like giving me

the trying-too-hard face.

You know, and I was like oh,


You know, all of a sudden it's a

physics exam.

And I'm just like, please don't

make that face over me.

Because whatever it is, you are

not going to figure it out in

the next five minutes.

I've had this thing for years,

and I still don't know what it


[laughter and applause]

But also, I realize that my face

is no treat to look at either

because I'm always like this...


Can we open another register?

No, actually, I temped a lot.

I used to temp, and I think

there's something about steady

exposure to fluorescent lights

that can dissolve any trace of a


There was this woman that I used

to work with, and every

Monday--didn't talk to me during

the week--but every Monday,

she'd say, "How was your


How was your weekend?"

And then I said, "Oh, not good.

I accidentally killed a man."

And she said, "Oh, you should

have called me.

We went antiquing."


There's something about me I

guess that's very untrustworthy,

like I look like either a

shoplifter or someone who can't

be trusted with kids.

And I can be trusted with kids.

It was just that one time.

[eerie music]

>> It's 7:00; I'd better go.

Thanks for babysitting, Laura.

>> Oh, sure.

>> So what do you think about

the new hutch?

>> It's nice.

>> I had to work overtime to

afford it, but I think it goes

perfect with the rug and the


And I have my eye on some new


They have just the right amount

of burgundy to bring out the

color on the carpet.

>> Mom, when are you going to


>> The curtains have this

little olive strip--

>> Mom, just go.

>> What is your problem?

Why do you want Mommy to leave

so much?

>> Because Laura and I do


>> Oh, really?

[ominous music]

What do you do?

>> Play a game.

>> A game?

[ominous music]

What kind of game?

>> I can't tell you.

You'll get mad.

>> I won't get mad.

[clock ticking]

[bells chiming]

>> Honey, tell me what you and

Laura do when I go.

>> When you go, she lets me

jump on the couch.

>> That's not--

>> Shane, go upstairs.

What is wrong with you?

I can't trust you anymore,



>> Well, if I'm not coming back,

there's no point in hiding this.

We ate in here, and I let the

dogs crap on the couch.

[dramatic music]

The thing that amazes me about

getting fired is that no one

ever has anything insightful to


People always say the same


They always say, "Well,

everything happens for a


You know, and as lame as that

sounds, I guess it's better to

hear it out loud.

Because when you hear it in your

own head it sounds like, "Well,

anything can happen with a