Tackling the Fake News Epidemic

Monday, January 16, 2017 01/16/2017 Views: 182

Josie Long, John Hodgman and Eugene Mirman question the authenticity of news stories based on their headlines. (2:08)

Fake News. Fake News.

Donald Trumphas been under fire lately,

with several prominent newsorganizations reporting

on the president-elect'salleged involvement

with pee-pee and poo-poo.

So Trump, uh...

-(cheering, applause)-Trump...

It was sitting right therethe whole time.

Trump, being the totally secure,

not-at-all emotionalguy that he is,

uh, very presidentialpresident, almost,

has been firing back on Twitter

with his now-trademarkall-caps phrase "fake news."

He even used it to blast CNNat last week's press conference.

-Can you give us a question?-Don't be rude.

-No, I'm not gonna give you aque... I am not gonna give you

a question.You are fake news.

Guys, think about it--of course CNN is fake!

No real person would evername a kid Wolf.

That's made up.

So, comedians, since there seemsto be such an epidemic

of fake news, let's helpthe president-elect out.

I'm gonna show you a headline,uh, and you tell me

how you can tell it's fake news.First up,

"House Speaker Paul Ryan ProvesHe Knows How to Dab."


Fake. He's just doinga sideways Hitler salute.

All right, okay. All right.


Next one, "Toby Keith, 3 Doors Down

to Perform at TrumpInauguration." Josie.

Oh, no, um, there'ssomebody called Keith

who is performingthree doors down

to the inaugural...

It's different.

Totally different.Points. Yeah.

That is... that isdefinitely fake,

'cause 3 Doors Downdied 40 years ago in a fire.

-Yeah, everyone knows that.-On this very day.


Next, "Kendall Jenner Shows OffHer Body in Sexy Bikini snaps."

-Hodgman.-Fake. Bikini snaps

are the least sexyGirl Scout cookie.

All right, points.

-Oh...-Everyone knows this.

Next one, "Obama Welcomes WorldSeries Champion Chicago Cubs."

-Mirman. -Fake. Those are allstay at home moms.

All right, points.