Adam's Magical Pig

The Young Man and the Pig Season 3, Ep 5 03/31/2016 Views: 1,630

Adam introduces Josh Johnson, Kevin Iso and Brendan Eyre to his new pet: a pig whose poop has been providing him with magic mushrooms. (1:12)

- Here you go.Get you a little beer.

Drink some beers.

Drink a little beer.

Hey, what's up, guys?

Just in time for somebeer and a massage.

- No, man.

I don't like anybodytouching my body

unless they gonna touchthe whole thing.

- I'm talking aboutmassaging my pig,

in a very non-erotic way.

Don't try to fuck the pig.

- We canceled parasailing

through the majesticHawaiian skies to find you,

and you're gonnamassage your pig?

- Yes, but it's notjust any pig.

It's the world's firstWagyu pig.

I've been feeding this guybeer for a month

and massaging him,sleeping near him,

petting him, caressing him.

- Kind of looks likeyou've been letting him

shit all over the beach too.

- Honestly, Brendan, that's,like, the best part,

'cause guess what.

From his poop blossoms...

magic mushrooms.

Right here.

- Ugh.- Ew.

- Come on, bro.

- Ooh...- Oh, man.

How many of thosehave you eaten?

- Kind of hard to tell,because I quit counting.

but it's all good,'cause I don't even feel them.

- Hey, Adam.

Maybe take it easyon those shrooms, dude.

You have to hostthe show tonight.

- No, I'll be fine.

The mushrooms are pretty good,but honestly,

they kind of taste like shit.