Eddie Pence - Dogs

Season 1, Ep 0104 07/20/2006 Views: 7,003

Eddie Pence kicks Chihuahua ass. (1:27)

but apparently,a police officer was attacked

by a gang of Chihuahuas.

I don't know if you guys

read about that?

Apparently, a gang of Chih...

like, five Chihuahuasgot out of a house

and attacked a cop,and he had to go

to the hospital for ankle bites.

That's a true story.That's true.

How did that happen?

You're a cop.

You got a gun.

They're Chihuahuas.

I love dogs. I love dogs.

But if, like, a herd of rabidChihuahuas was coming at me,

I'm kicking Chihuahua ( bleep ).

( thudding, yelping )

( imitates gunshots )

( imitates gunshot )

( laughter )

( imitates gunshot )

I'm kickin'

Chihuahua ( bleep ).

'Cause that's how I roll.That's how I roll.

It would bekind of weird, though,

when your partner shows up:"Hey, I heard gunshots.

What happened?What did you do?!"

They were attacking me.

"These were att...

That was attacking you? That?"

Like, "Yeah.

"Look at my ankles.

These socks are ruined."

( laughter )

I like dogs, though, I do.

Dogs are such smart animals.They're so intelligent.

'Cause they mark

their territory with urine.

They pee on it,they think it's theirs.

That's so smart.

Imagine if people did that.

The homeless would owneverything.

( laughter )