Trying Hypnotherapy

Face Time Season 1, Ep 8 12/23/2013 Views: 900

Brody tries an unsual method to overcome his paranoia about his face. (3:00)



Peter!Hi, yes!

Nice to see you.Nice to see you.

Nice to meet you.Welcome to my home.

I help people who arein fear of living a life...

they don't want to livefor the rest of their life.

Change and make the lifethat I want.

Can we focus on my whole face...

or I have to focus on onespecific thing?Sure, all of it.

I have a paranoia of having myface being focused on too much.

On my acne scars...

When I was a kid, people said,"Oh, it looks like Brody...

"you got pecked by a woodpeckeror a parrot on your face."

And it stuck with me.

I don't see bad skin.I just see a nice looking guy.

You're looking at my eyes.

I'm looking at your eyes.I'm looking here.That's how people talk.

Well, I cover it up.I put a little make-up on.


Well, what I'm pointing outis that I'm not seeingwhat you're seeing.

Maybe what you seeisn't truly what's there.

I understand that.I'm aware of that.

Okay, I'd like to move oninto the hypnosis part.

Let your eyes get heavierand heavier.

Shifting your attentionfrom outside to inside...

100 percent to 80 percent.

Heavier and heavier,going deeper and deeper.

Three, two, one.

And zero.

From here let's just talk tothis anxious younger partof you.

Ask him what he needs to heal.

He wants you to remember that.

Okay, let him know that youremember you're good enough.

Now how does he respond?

Yeah. What does he need,to feel better, to heal?

On a spirit level?

Commitment to what?

Are you willing to do that?

So when?

And if someone came upto you right now...

and happened to noticethat scar upon your face...

does it even matter?


Can you live from that placeof peace and being in chargeof your life?

Mm-hm.Thank you.

How do you feel?

I feel pretty good, like thelast second, I was like...

kind of... in a dream land.

You were under I think longerthan you realize, because wetook a little while.