Exclusive - Kurt Braunohler - Interview with Michael Ian Black

New York Comedy Festival Season 1, Ep 1 01/11/2011 Views: 253

Kurt Braunohler talks with Michael Ian Black after a sold out, 3D, four encore performance. (2:44)


I'm Kurt Bruanohler.

I'm here for Comedy Central andthe New York Comedy Festival.

We are here at theBowery Ballroom

with Michael Ian Black.

Awesome show, man.

-Thank you very much.

-How'd you feel about that show.

-I thought I was spectacular.

-I thought you were, as well.

-But not-- but to be honest--


Don't lie.

Don't lie.

-Not even my material, so muchas the unitard I was wearing.

I felt like it was reallydoing 80% of the work for me.

-It really popped, that unitard.

-What I realized duringdress rehearsal today.

-You do six dressrehearsals, I understand.


Well, we did-- we did previewsin Philly for a few weeks.

Then we came here,I did previews here.

I did six dress rehearsalsstarting basically at 7:00

this morning,running through it.

And I was realizing thatthe spangles weren't

popping the way Iwanted them to pop.

-Oh, interesting.


-And I said to myguy, Raul, I said,

Raul, is thereanything we can do--

and he's my lighting guy--to get the spangles to pop.

He said, I don't thinkso, unless dot dot dot.

And I said, no.


-Raul, unless what?

He said, you're notgoing to want to do this.

And I said, it's the NewYork Comedy Festival.

I'm going to doit, whatever it is.

-Let's pull out all the stops.

-He goes, 3D glasses.

-You actually gaveout 400 3D glasses,

and it just poppedthe entire time.

-You can hear-- you canprobably still hear it now.

People are stomping,whistling, cheering, for me

to come back anddo a fifth encore.

Guess what?

I'm not going to do it.

-What's it like preformingin New York City?

-I always enjoy comingback to New York City.

Not even so much because ofthe crowds, which are great,

and the festival,which is amazing.

I like the soft pretzels.

-The soft pretzels.


I like the soft pretzels.

-You know, There is nothing likea New York City soft pretzel.

-Well, there is actually,just lumps of raw dough.


-It would be exactly like that.

-That's-- I would like a lumpof raw dough right now, though.

That doesn't sound bad.

That sounds good.

Ladies and gentlemen,we're here with Michael

Ian Black at theBowery Ballroom.

He just completeda 3D performance

of his sold out show.

-Four encores.

-Four encores.

Thank you so much, Michael.

-You're welcome, Kurt.

-We're here forthe New York Comedy

Festival and Comedy Central.

I'm Kurt Braunohler.

Stay tuned for more interviewsjust like this, just like this.