Paul F. Tompkins - A Generation with Choices

Paul F. Tompkins: Crying and Driving Season 1, Ep 101 10/10/2015 Views: 7,934

Paul F. Tompkins talks about the downside having way too many choices and details the life cycle of people his parents' age. (1:53)

One thing you mustknow about me is that

I am a married man, whichto me is a miraculous fact.


I never thoughtthat I would be married.

Well, like, notin my lifetime.


Maybe my children, mychildren's children,

they'd see me married.


But I am very surprisedand very delighted

because I was what youwould call a late bloomer.

Took me a while to getmy personal act together

because I am from ageneration that had more

choices than previousgenerations,

and I think thatdelayed maturing.

Like, my father's generation:the greatest generation.


He foughtin World War II.

Here's how old thatguys is: he's dead.




That's as oldas it gets.


His generation,very different.

Not a lot of choices.

Here were the choicesthat you had:

what everybodyelse was doing.

The end.


It was very simple.

If there was a war,you enlisted in it

no questions asked.

You came home, you got ajob that you hated, why?

Because no one'sgonna marry you if

you don't have a job.

Why get married?

So someone willcook for you.



You have children to perpetuatethe cycle of misery.


You retire at 50, youlook like you're 80.


And overall of everything,

from the moment you areborn to the day you are

laid into the ground.

If you have a feelingabout something,

you just bottle that up.


You don't say nothing to nobody.