Deon Cole - White Actors

Deon Cole: Cole Blooded Seminar Season 1, Ep 1 06/25/2016 Views: 4,612

When Deon Cole wrote for "Conan," his friends loved to come to the show, even though they had no idea who the white guests were. (1:21)

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I learned black peopledon't know a lot

of white actressesand actors at all.

Like, we knowall the old-school ones,

but we don't know noneof the new white celebrities

and actors and stuff.

If you wantblack people to know,

like, a new white celebrity,you got to tell us

what movie they was in

and what they did in the movie.

We don't know the nameslike--like, back in the day,

you used to knoweverybody names--

John Travolta,Harrison Ford.

We don't know nobody's name now.

You know, I usedto write for Conan.

I remember whena lot of people used to--

thank y'all.

[cheers and applause]

Like, me writing for Conan,

all my friends used to loveto come to the show,

but they would never know whonone of the white guests was.

Like my friend would be like,

"Yo, D, I want to cometo the show today, man.

You got some tickets?"I'm like, "Yeah."

He'll be like,"Who you got on the show?"

"Oh, we got a good show today.

We got Christian Bale."

"Who's that?"

I'm like,"Christian Bale, Batman."

"What he do in Batman?"

"Bitch, he was Batman."

"Oh, okay, all right.

"Oh, yeah, that's my man.

"That's my man.

"That's my man.That's my man.

"Yeah, yeah, he cracks me up.

He's hilarious."

"No, he's not, bitch."