Brian Posehn - Crazy People

Kightlinger, Posehn, Kindler Season 2, Ep 19 05/19/1993 Views: 2,565

Crazy people might seem a little less crazy if they had a kid with them. (1:57)

It's my first time here.

Been having a good time.

There's so many crazy peoplehere-- crazy street people.

And I love that, man.

Grew up in a small town wherethere was only one crazy guy.

He didn't even go insanedoing anything good,

like going to Nam or havingan extended acid trip.

Turns out, legend has it hejust had some bad cheese.

Don't get me wrong though, man.

He was messed up.

He was always walkingaround town going, oh, god.



You know one think I've noticed?

Whenever you see crazy peoplewalking down the street talking

to themselves, alot of times they

wouldn't look quite so insaneif they had a kid with them.

You know?

They're walking around going,the chicken doesn't go ruff.

The chicken goes bwok bwok.

The dog goes ruff.

But completely in controlif there was a kid there.

I think it's just amatter of props, really.

You know?

See the guy walking down thestreet arguing with himself.

Give him a littlecellular phone.

He'll look likehe's a businessman.


No, I said quit calling me.


You know, terrorism's weird.

You guys hear aboutthat bombing recently?

That kind of stuff-- the NewYork Trade Center getting

bombed-- that kind ofstuff freaks me out, man.

The worst thing is,like, suicide squads.

Guys that, for thegovernment or country, will

tape dynamite to theirvehicle and drive

into a crowd ofpeople or an embassy.

I always wonder, how dothey recruit those guys?

What, do they have, like, agovernment-run suicide hotline


Kids calling at all hours ofthe night, going, I hate my mom.

My girlfriend's a total wench.

I'm going to kill myself.

Hey, that's really too bad.

Do you know how todrive a stick shift?