Jonah Ray - Venice Beach Record Store

Jonah Ray Season 2, Ep 7 05/24/2013 Views: 29,443

Jonah Ray describes the annoying old men who frequented the record store where he used to work. (2:09)

But I was that kid.I was that, you know, lame kid

always just tryingto mess with old guys.

I worked at a record storein Venice Beach, California,

and I just used to, like, uh,mess with dudes all the time,

all the old guysthat would come in.

Like, I rememberwhen James Brown died.

A guy came, he was like, "Ican't believe James Brown died."

And I said to him,"Yeah, do you think

"when he was on his deathbedand then he finally passed on

"a guy put a glittery capeon him just in case?

Just to make sure?"

"Did you trythe American flag one?"

"Yeah, I did." "Oh, the funkis dead. Call it."

Out of a record storein Venice Beach, you got

a lot of guys coming injust talking about, like,

the old music they used to like.

They're not even thereto buy stuff.

They're worse than...homeless people, old people are.

It's like, they would come in,tell me, it's like,

"Oh, man. This is Venice Beach.

This is where the Doorsare from."

I said, "Man, the Doors werethe Smash Mouth of their time."

Not good is what I mean by that.

In caseyou're a Smash Mouth fan.

If you are,

get the (bleep) out!

You're not wanted.

Here's a sad fact,here's a sad fact:

the guy that singsin Smash Mouth,

richer than all of us combined.

You know what he sounds like?


And he's famous and rich.

No one really laughs at that

because it's so (bleep)depressing.

I'm 30. I'm 30.

I... have to make the decisionto be healthy now.

I got to be a healthy guy.

The only, uh...

the only thing that's reallydifferent in my life is that

that's not a beer; that's vodka.

That's the difference!

That's the one thing I changed.

It's a lot more fun.A lot faster.


It's just like... I got to...I got to fix it

'cause I'm getting, the physique of a...

junkie that's also reallyinto pizza and donuts, you know?


I love that imagerymore than anything in my life.

Just, like, rightbefore nodding off,

"Whoa, Dunkin'."

"Don't mind if I..."(snores)

"...I do!"