Donald Trump and Kanye West's Distracting Friendship

Tuesday, December 13, 2016 12/13/2016 Views: 203

After his visit with Kanye West, Kurt Braunohler, Fortune Feimster and Moshe Kasher guess which celebrity Donald Trump will meet with next to pull focus from the real issues. (2:28)

Next up--Ebony And Ivory Tower.

According to a New-sweek-- as I like to call it--

article that came out today,

the awesomest president-electever, Donald Trump, is

putting his business interestsahead

of what's best for the U.S.,

which is not cool,because you're supposed

to represent the interestsof the people,

or person who got you elected.Uh...

-Trump... Trump...-(laughter and groaning)

Trump dealt with the damaging Newsweek story head-on

by ignoring it and hanging outwith Kanye West at Trump Tower.

-(laughter) -We've been friendsfor a long time.

Life. We discussed life.


Now, I'm goingto play this again, and

I want to you watch thisand think about this.

Kanye looks likea (bleep) android.

Watch. Look, look, look.Play it again.

-Play it again. Watch. -We'vebeen friends for a long time.

WOMAN: What did you guysdiscuss?

Life. We discussed life.

-He's not processing.-Processing. -(laughter)

This is... I'm... This...You know what?

This is Kanye Westworld.

-(laughter)-Kanye later tweeted that

he met Trump to talk aboutmulticultural issues which...


I believe as nearlyas we could figure

that mainly involvedteaching him this handshake.

-(indistinct chatter)-FEIMSTER: Oh, yeah. Oh!

(laughter, applause & cheering)

-Look at. Look at that guy.-Look at the side of him.

That guy's like,"I cannot believe this (bleep)!"

-Right. -(laughter) -KASHER:He's just like, "You just

nailed that handshake so hard,Trump!"

-(laughter) -The writerof the Newsweek article claims

that Trump is tryingto distract people

from his conflicts of interest,which seems

pretty farfetched, uh, becau...

Wait. We were we justtalking about?

-(laughter)-Oh, you guys,

-Trump and Kanye are buddies.-FEIMSTER: It worked!

-(laughter)-Comedians, the next time

there's a big storyhe wants to bury,

who will President-elect Trumpmeet with? Kurt.

Himself in a mirror whispering,"What have I become?"

-HARDWICK: Yeah, all right.-(laughter)

-Points. Yeah. Moshe.-Uh, Leonard Cohen.

Or, uh, uh, Prince.Or... hopefully.

-HARDWICK: All right.-Ow!

-HARDWICK: Points.-(laughter, applause & cheering)

-Fortune Feimster. -I thinkhe should just go for it.

Meet with Vladimir Putin,

they both take their shirts off,just lather themselves

in spray tan,ride horses into the sunset...

-HARDWICK: Yeah.-...and never come back.