Joe Wengert - Luxury Cat Hotel

Joe Wengert Season 3, Ep 12 07/18/2014 Views: 4,375

Joe Wengert takes his cat to a luxury cat hotel because he likes to throw away his money. (2:05)

I live alonewith a cat.


That's never gottenan applause break, right there.


This guy lives alonewith a cat!


I live alone with a cat.

His name's Kevin Hines.He's a great guy.

We get along very wellwith each other.

If I go away for a day or two,

I have a pet sitterwho comes to my house

and hangs out withmy friend Kevin Hines.

But if I go away for,like, a week

or more,

I bring him to a luxury

cat hotel,

because I like to justwaste my money.

I like to throw my money away.

Um... the placeI take him to is called

"The Best Little Cat Housein Pasadena."

And that's real.

And it's for people who are

too intense about their cats.

Now, when you book your cat

into the Best Little Cat Housein Pasadena,

you have the optionof booking them

into a private room,

or you can do what I do,

and put 'em in the group room.

Which is just one giant room

where there's, like,40 cats running around.

It's insane.

And the reason whyI put him in there is...

(sighs) the group room,they have a webcam.

And I have separation issues.

And you can move the webcamaround from their Web site.

So when I go on vacation,

I do not have a good time.

I get out my laptop,

I go on that Web site,

I move the webcam around

until I find Kevin Hines,

so that I can watch himdo absolutely nothing.