Let's Do Anything: The Congressional Game of Blocking Gun Control

June 21, 2016 - Tavis Smiley 06/21/2016 Views: 13,606

Roy Wood Jr. and Jordan Klepper go head to head as congressional Democrats and Republicans to see which party can actually pass gun control legislation. (8:45)

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let's move on

to the big newsout of Washington yesterday.

The Senate voted on fourdifferent gun control amendments

and all of them were blocked.

The amendments offeredby Senator Grassley

and Senator Cornynaren't even half measures.

Grassley and Cornyn amendmentsare political stunts.

There is absolutely nothing inthe Feinstein amendment

that would have prevented theOrlando shooting from occurring.

Each has flaws thatI'm concerned about.

-Serious flaws. -The other sidewants it both ways.

This is nearly impossible.

Guns, guns, guns, guns.

I love how she stilllooked down at the page,

like she wasn't sureof the words.

Guns, guns, guns...

guns, guns, guns.


You know, really is too badthat congress isn't around

during a mass shooting.

I mean, it looks likethey could block anything.

And I know the temptation isto blame Republicans for this.

Because everyone thinks they'rein the pocket of the NRA.

But this is not true, people.

It's more like Republicans arein the underwear of the NRA.

Yes, firmly attached

and always thereto cradle the NRA's balls.

And also close enoughto handle any of their (bleep).

Uh, but the Democrats,the Democrats, also at fault.

Because both sides agreedright before the debate

that in order to passany of the bills

they would need 60 votes,which neither side has.

So, this whole ordealin the Senate

was basically just for show.

It was like the WWE,except here

people are actuallygetting hurt.

The question is, though,what exactly

were the billsthat congress failed to act on?

It's... somethingwe're gonna find out

in our new game showabout congress.

And it's calledLet's Do Anything.

Let's do anything!

Welcome to Let's Do Anything.

The game show about congress

where even the slightestprogress counts as a win.

It couldn't be easier.

Today's topic:

guns, guns, guns, guns, guns.


Our first contestant,playing for team Democrat,

Roy Wood Jr., everybody!

(cheering, applause)

I'm fighting for an Americawhere all guns

can go to the bathroomof their ch...

I'm sorry, my notesare mixed up. I...

A-All right, we're gonnamoving right on.

Our next contestant, playingon behalf of Senate Republicans,

-Jordan Klepper! -Heya.-(cheering, applause)

Thanks, Trevor.




Heartland, baseball,flag pin, America.

I don't thinkthat was a sentence.

I believe it was, Trevor.I believe it was.

Okay, uh, welcometo the show, gentlemen.

Uh, so, Congressis the legislative body, uh,

charged with servingthe American people.

And you're both hererepresenting

our representatives.

You know the rules, solet's do anything about guns.

Roy Wood Jr., you're up first.

Trevor, on the behalfof Democrats,

I'm going withthe Feinstein bill.

REPORTER: The bill would give the attorney general

the power to deny the sale, delivery or transfer

of a firearm to anyone

known or suspected to be a terrorist.

Ooh, Democratscoming out strong.

Trying to deny suspectedterrorists from buying guns.


Oh. Republicanswith the block. Jordan?

Yeah, the Feinstein billwould give the attorney general

unchecked power to ny...deny anyone

their Second Amendment rights,and that's a great idea

if you want to crapall over the Constitution.

And then wipe yourselfwith the Constitution.

I mean, why are youwiping yourself

with the thingyou already crapped on?

It's bad governanceand it's bad hygiene.

Wait, so, okay, so theRepublicans have blocked

the Democrats' gun proposal.Uh, Republicans,

let's do anything about guns.

Yeah. Trevor, ain't no partylike the Grand Old Party,

'cause the Grand Old Party...likes the Cornyn amendment.

REPORTER: Senator John Cornyn's amendment

would have allowed the DOJ to delay suspected terrorists

from getting a gun for up to 72 hours.

Oh, Republicans,an interesting choice.

Yeah, the only choice, Trevor.

Because if the FBI findsprobable cause,

the terroristdoesn't get to buy that gun.

And then a good guygets to buy that gun.

Roy, is this anything?


Oh, nothing. So close.

I'm sorry, Trevor.You can't expect the FBI

to prove probable causein 72 hours.

Hell, 72 hoursisn't enough time

to decide ona good Father's Day gift.

Shut up, old man!You'll get it before July!

So I'm blocking.

Okay, well, uh,that's the end of the round.

And because nobody did anything,the score is tied at zero.

Yeah. All right,time for our next round.

Uh, just a moment, Trevor.In honor of all victims

I'd like to askfor a moment of silence.

Oh, of course.

Great. What are we playing next?

I thought you wanteda moment of silence.

Oh. No, I wanted to be seenasking for a moment of silence.

So, let's, uh, play the game.Spin the wheel, Trevor.

-There is no wheel...-Yeah, whatever, man.

Okay. So, we asked 100 people,

and the top three answersare on the board.

(Noah reading)

Defeat Republicans.


Defeat Democrats.


Uh... Facebook post?


Thoughts and prayers?


-Roy?-Candlelight vigil?


Uh, bigger flag pins?


Okay, well, uh, that-thatwas terrible, people.

Let's see what the answers were.What do Americans want Congress

to do about guns?Survey says:


-KLEPPER: Something, yeah.-Do something about guns.

Okay. Uh, you couldhave also gone with "anything".

-KLEPPER: Anything, yeah.-Do anything about guns.

And, uh, the top answerwould have been:

Oh, for the love of God,just not nothing.

-Okay, okay, that's tough.That is tough. -Well, how...

-That is more difficult to say.-That's hard.

That's hard.It gets in your head.

-No, I get it, yeah.-This is really...

All right, all right, gentlemen,

we're moving onto our lightning round.

The stakes aren't any higherthan they were before.

They were alreadyas high as they could have been.

Roy, here's your chanceto get on the board.

Trevor, after Orlando,I don't think

even Republicans can say noto the Murphy amendment!

MAN: This Senator Chris Murphy amendment

would have increased background checks

and closed the so-called gun show loophole.

Yeah. Say no to that.


90% of Americans supportmeasures like this.

You know,I got to admit, Trevor.

That does soundpretty compelling.

You know,there's no obvious reason

why Republicans wouldn't...

(phone rings, playing tune)

Hold on one second.

Oh, it's the NRA. Hold on.

(laughs)Hello, Wayne dog. Yeah.

Sorry, Mr. LaPierre.

Yeah. Actually,made some... some good point...

Oh, yes, sir.

No, the Republican senatorsdon't want to lose their seats.

Well, I mean...

I mean, I'd eat itif you told me to, sir.


I am a pretty pony.


Yes, thank you.Thank you.

Uh, Trevor, you know,

I've really evolvedon my position.

We're going to blockthe expanded background checks.

-(buzzer sounds)-NOAH: Okay.

Jordan, with that decisionthere's only one bill left.

It's your last chanceto do anything.

Republicans for the win.

One word-- Grassley amendment.Two words.

MAN: The Grassley amendment would have provided funding

for the NICS-- the National Instant Background Check--

and would have given an incentive

to share mental health records.

Okay, Roy, this is a big one.

More moneyfor background checks,

and incentivesto share mental health records.

Are the Democrats going to allowthe Republicans to do anything?

Look, Trevor, that Grassley billmight be better than nothing,

but if the Republicans got it,

then they could saythey did something.

So, we're goingto not do anything.

(buzzer sounds)

Well, unfortunately, this gameand the nation are out of time.

And both Democrats andRepublicans have zero points

because you bothdidn't do anything.

Actually, Republicans won big.

The NRA just gave mea ton of cash.

(Klepper laughs)

-NOAH: Oh, wow.-Yeah.

-(laughter)-NOAH: Wow.

So I guess it's justthe Democrats who didn't win.

Oh, no, we won big, too.

We're just usingthis whole discussion

to get talking pointsfor our new campaign ad.

Check it out.

MAN: Jordan Klepper says he's on your side,

but when it comes to guns, who does he really listen to?

When we needed Jordan to help,

he chose instead to take a giant check from the NRA.

So vote for the guy who will do your version of nothing.

I'm Roy Wood Jr., and I'll nothing for you.


(cheers and applause)

Okay, well...

Well, I guess, uh,both sides won.

-Yeah, you guys both won.-(laughter) -All right.

NOAH: Well, that's allwe have time for.

No, I think we're good.Yeah, we're...

Thank you for joining uson Let's Do Anything,

the game where the only loser isthe American people.