Uncensored - Steve Rannazzisi - Enhanced Interrogation

Steve Rannazzisi: Manchild Season 1, Ep 1 11/16/2013 Views: 5,336

All Steve Rannazzisi has to do is answer a few questions about his special, and everything will be fine. (2:55)

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Oh, god!

-I'm gonna askyou one more time.

What's the name of your tour?

-It's called TheManchild Tour, man.

I told you already.

Come on, I got a wife and kids.

-Yeah, shut up andanswer the questions.

Now where can Iget your special.



-Oh, I swear to god!

-I want it uncut and uncensored.

Where can I get that?


You can download it directat the website for $5.

I'll give you the money, man.

-Let's just say I travel light.

I don't carry acomputer with me.

I carry a tablet and a phone.

How can I watch it on there?


You can downloadwherever, whenever

you want an limitedamount of times.

It's at your disposal.


-Ow, god!

-These answers you're giving me.

It's a runaround, isn't it?


No, all right, allright, all right.

No, no, no.

We'll talk about this, man.

-Stephen, when canI get the special

on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon?

I'd really love to watch it.

-November 19.

It'll be availableon all those places.

-And this Manchildtour of yours?

Where and when are you playing?

-Oh, no, no, that'snot a good idea.

You're not the kind of audiencemember that I'm looking for.

-Oh, really?

-No, no.




All right, fine, fine, fine.

I'll be in Tempe-- Tempe,Arizona-- on December 12

to the 14th.


I heard it's lovelythis time of year.

Where else?

-It is It is.

It's beautiful.

And I'll be in NewYork City, New York,

at Carolines onDecember 19 to the 22nd.



And Boston.

(BOSTON ACCENT) Ah,wicked smart, eh?

(NORMAL VOICE) I'll be atthe Wilbur on February 28.

It's going to be awesome.

(BOSTON ACCENT) Wicked awesome.

-Three stops?

Three stops?

You call three stopsa fucking tour?


-Where else?


There's more stops!

You can find them allat cc.com/manchild.

-Is that good?


All right, man.


That was great.



-Good job, man.

That's a wrap, everybody.

-A wrap?

-Excellent work, Steve.

Excellent work.

-What do you mean, a wrap?

A wrap on what?

-Oh, hey, I'm Bob from,uh, the promo department.

-What are youtalking about, wrap?

What is this?-Great job, man.

We had to shoot yourpromo for your special.

-You guys kidnapped mefrom a family vacation,

kept me down here trappedlike an animal for two weeks.

-Yeah, we had to putyou in the right place.

We got gold, though.

-For a promo?

You guys are assholes.

You guys hurt me really bad.

-Well, just say the safeword if it went too far.

-What safe word?


-I said it, like, 30 times.

-Oh, yeah.

-All throughout the wholething I was saying it.

-Oh, you did say it.

You did say it.

You did.

(CHUCKLING) Oh, my bad on that.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, we should've gottena different safe word.

[current surging]