Donald Trump Accepts the GOP Presidential Nomination

July 21, 2016 - Alex Wagner 07/21/2016 Views: 42,455

At the RNC in Cleveland, Donald Trump officially accepts the presidential nomination with a speech that touches on Hillary Clinton, illegal immigration and crime in America. (5:19)

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It's officially official,people-- Donald Trump

just accepted the Republicannomination for president.

And so I urge you to liveevery day like it's your last.

-(laughter)-Just moments ago,

Trump finished deliveringa speech

that was half angry,rallying cry

for bringing whathe called law and order

to a country in crisis,and half, well...

well, there wasthe other half, too.

And, uh, you knowwhat I learned today?

In American politics,you can say whatever you want,

whether it's true or not.You can mislead

about the rise of crime,you can make it seem like

America's drowning in taxes, but some lies...

are bigger than others.

I humbly...

and gratefully accept

your nomination

-(cheering)-for the presidency

of the United States.

(cheering, whistling)


-(laughter)-Nothing says humble

like turning the stage gold

and having your namein 9,000-point font.


Even the Goodyear Blimp is,like, "Jesus, we get it, Trump,

we get it."

Basically,Trump's speech tonight

was just a thin shell of candy

covering a chocolate centerof hate,

and right in the middle,a bitter nut of fear.

But you know what,they're not that bad

once you have a few of them.I mean, uh,

they're an acquired taste.

We will also be a country

of law and order.

The most basic dutyof government

is to defend the livesof its own citizens.

Any governmentthat fails to do so

is a governmentunworthy to lead.


I'm sorry, guys.You know what,

so much of what Trump saidtonight was misleading.

I mean, we'll wade through ittomorrow in a fact-check,

but, just to make youfeel better,

yes, there is a recent spikein homicides in major cities,

but overall, America's in themiddle of a historic crime drop.

America is nowhere near themost taxed nation in the world,

and illegal... illegalimmigration has dropped

to the lowest total since 2003.

So if you'vebeen watching the show

while hiding under your bed...

I want you to knowthat you can come out.

Come out. Come out.

Oh, oh, come out,unless you're Hillary Clinton.

This is the legacyof Hillary Clinton:

death, destruction,

terrorism and weakness.

"And weakness."

Only Donald Trump would thinkthat weakness is worse

than death and destruction.

Because you endon the worst thing, Donald.

Death, destruction,

and weakness.

That's like you're a doctorgoing, "You have cancer,

"AIDS, and-and a little spinachin your teeth.

There, right there, yeah.Yeah, you got to watch that."

But to be fair,to be fair to The Donald,

he did reach out to groups

normally malignedby Republicans.

I will do everything in my power

to protect our LGBTQ citizens

from the violence and depression

of a hateful foreign ideology.

-(cheering)-Believe me.

And I have to say,as a Republican,

it is so niceto hear you cheering

for what I just said.

-(cheering, applause, whistling)-Thank you. Thank you.

(like Trump):Because, to be honest, folks,

I thought you were gonna boothe gays, I'm not gonna lie.

Just from what I've overheardfrom Mike Pence,

I thought youwere gonna boo the gays.

And so then,after a little more fear,

and a little more hate,it was finally time to close.

My opponent asks her supporters

to recite a three-wordloyalty pledge.

It reads: "I'm with her."

I choose to recite

a different pledge.

My pledge reads: "I'm with you,the American people."


We will make Americagreat again!

God bless you, and good night!

I love you!

I love you, too, Donald.


I've got to admit,the speech was... okay.

I mean, it was scaryand disciplined, you know?

Like a Catholic nun.

And like a nun,you know if you go deeper,

you're gonna find a wild side.

But I was expecting the Trumpwe've seen on the trail,

you know, wild,spitting from the dome.

I mean, but when a protestordisrupted his speech,

he didn't even call for themto be beaten or killed.

You know?This is what you get

when you stickto a teleprompter.

It makes things boring.

And I learned that froma very smart man last August.

I actually said ifyou're running for president,

you should not be allowedto use a teleprompter.

-(cheering)-No, it's true. It's true.

It's so easy.


You walk up...

yeah, you walk...

Ladies and gentlemen, hello.


It's so sad, people.

Donald Trumphas basically become

everything that he hated--well, I mean, not everything,

'cause he's still white.