An Erotic Thanksgiving Treat from Chuck Tingle

Monday, November 28, 2016 11/28/2016 Views: 506

Erotic novelist Chuck Tingle responds to Chris's plea for a leading role in his next steamy tome. (2:12)

Next up,Single And Ready To Tingle.

Before we went on break,we took a deep dive

into the world of Amazonself-publishing phenomenon,

Chuck Tingle, the authorof erotic fantasy micro novels

with titles like... Unicorn Butt Cops-- Beach Patrol,

and... Gay T-Rex Law Firm-- Executive Boner.


I don't knowwhat this one thinks

he's accomplishing back here,but it's not much.

-Uh... -HOLMES (laughs): Executive Boner?

You can read that if you want.You can read that.

-Oh, it's a book?-It's a book.

-I'm out.-It's a... That was it.

So, at the end of our segment,we challenged Mr. Tingle

to write a Tinglerwith a specific main character,

and he did it within 12 hoursof this broadcast,

before we went to break.

Who is the heroof the new odyssey?

A) Grumpy Catwith a thick ol' dong;

B) A werewolfwith a talking British butthole;

or me Chris Hardwick?Who was it?

-Joe. -I'm gonna say Grumpy Catwith a thick ol' dong,

'cause if loving grumpy catswith dongs is wrong,

I don't wanna be right!

-(cheering, applause)-Well...

No, the correct answer was me.

Uh, that's Hard for Hardwick-- Pounded in the Butt

by the Physical Manifestation

of My Own Handsome Late Night Comedy Show.

-(whooping, applause)-This is, uh...

So, uh, it's 18 pages,

and I do... I do get...I do get butt (bleep)

by the show who is manifested

by a guy named Matt Idnite.

Uh, and he... he pounds my butt.

And I got to really give itto Chuck Tingle

and thank all the @midnight fanswho took up this cause

and harassed him to get himto write about this, and he did.

And I'm greatly appreciative.

What a wonderfulThanksgiving treat that was.

-(laughter, whooping, applause)-This is... this...

By the way...

it is for sale on Amazonright now,

and it is the best $2.99you will spend all year.

Hey, what did you guys doover Thanksgiving?

-(laughter)-That's what Chuck did.

I bet this guy makesa good stuffing.

-Hey!-(cheering, applause)

(singing "Rule, Britannia!")