Amazon Wish List - Donald Trump - A Bit of an Orange Glaze

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 06/14/2016 Views: 636

On Donald Trump's 70th birthday, Matteo Lane, Mamrie Hart and Grace Helbig turn to the presidential candidate's Amazon Wish List for last-minute gift ideas. (1:14)

If today felt like it had a bitof an orange glaze cast over it,

that's becauseit was the birthday

of evil James Spader characterDonald Trump.

-Ugh.-Yes, Donald turned 70 today,

although his haironly turned six.

Uh... but what do you getfor the man who had everything,

lost everything, got everythingagain, lost everything again,

and is now close to becomingthe leader of the free world?

-(audience boos)-Well...

I... I-I didn't do it.

Uh... uh, you got to justcheck Amazon, you guys.

I would like you to give me asmany items that you might find

on Donald Trump's Amazonwishlist as you can

in 60 seconds.And begin. Matteo.

Father-daughter porn.

Points. Grace.

Child leash for Ivanka.

Points. Grace.

Reluctant hand jobfrom Chris Christie.

Points. Mamrie.

A soda stream.

It doesn't affect anything,it's just a great product.

Yeah, it's a great gift.It's a great gift. Mamrie.

Uh, those Hulk hands paintedorange to hide his tiny hands.

All right, points. Yeah. Matteo.

The Rosie O'Donnell Show in box set.

All right, points.Mamrie.

Uh, that hug from his fatherhe never got,

which is why we're in this(bleep) show to begin with.

Okay, points.