Rachel Feinstein - A Good Time for Some Jokes

Rachel Feinstein Season 3, Ep 10 07/11/2014 Views: 9,832

Rachel Feinstein adamantly believes that there doesn't need to be any gentle gazing period after sex. (2:06)

I just broke up withthis guy recently.

It's probably good.We would fight a lot.

One of our big fights was,

he would get mad at me,'cause I liked to joke

immediately after sex.

I just feel likeit's a good time for some jokes.

I don't thinkthere needs to be any

gentle gazing periodafter sex. Uh...

I don't like to doany soft gazing.

I just feel like,

sex is doneand now it's joke time.

(smacks lips)

I like to throw changeon a man after sex.

That's very funny to me,personally.


I just...

I just like to take some coinsand toss them...

on his dumb, naked,

post-sex, man-body.

And say something like,

"Shh. Less is moreout of you, okay?

"You take those coinsand you keep your mouth shut

"about what's happenedin this room, all right?

"Because,what happened right here,

"is disgusting, okay?

"Why don't you go outand buy yourself

"something special.

Because you're beautiful."

I also like to pretend, like,the guy tricked me into the sex.


Like, the moment it's done,

I'm just slowly realizing

it's all been a big ruse.

And I'm kind of obsessed

with tho-those old filmsfrom the '40s.

Uh... so, the momentsex is done,

I like to be like,

(Mid-Atlantic accent):"Well, I don't understand

"what that all had to do with

"helping the children.

"You said, if we didall them awful things,

"those children wouldget their cure for polio.

"It was all a lie, wasn't it?

"Those children are no better,

"for the godless things

"I've done in this room,are they?

"It was a big lie

"and now,look at me laying here,

all covered in sin."

I just feel like the right guyis gonna be like,

"Hey, listen up, Sugar Tits.

"Those children never hada goddamn chance.

"They are mangled with polio,as we speak.

Now, clean yourself up,for Christ sake."