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Kurt Metzger was surprised to find an Ethiopian restaurant in New York City. (1:15)

-How come hot placesinvent hot food to eat?

Does that even make sense?

Shouldn't Mexico's nationalfood be Popsicles or something?

When, on 100 degree day, haveyou ever said to yourself,

oh my god, it's hot.

You know what would reallybe refreshing right now,

some dried corn meal anda deadly habanero pepper

on top of it.

Because it's not enoughthat my face is burning off

in the desert sun,I want my mouth

and ass to feel this same pain.

I'd like, I'd like to [bleep]monkey knife fight as soon

as I'm done, maybe whileI'm eating, I don't know.

But that's the good thingabout New York, right?

We have every kind of foodhere from around the world,

everything, stuff you didn'teven know you could get.

I just went to anEthiopian restaurant.

I didn't know thatthey had that.

I thought that wastheir whole problem,

was that they didnot have cooking.

But it turns out Iwas just ignorant,

because it is delicious.

But it's a littledifferent because you

don't pick what you want.

You just wait foryour dinner to be

donated by moreprosperous restaurants.

It's a little-- give it a try.