Vargus Mason - Amber Alert

Season 2, Ep 0203 06/28/2007 Views: 3,361

You never hear about someone kidnapping badass children. (1:22)

when they kidnap the children?

Isn't that sad?

But if you noticed, paidattention in any Amber Alert,

you might have noticed,they only kidnap

the little angel in the familythat everybody loves and misses.

Why don't we everhear about them

kidnapping bad ass children?

I think people don't reportthose Amber Alerts.


'Cause you never hear somebodyon the news, like,

"Oh, my God.They took Crazy Pookie.

"They took Crazy Pookie.

We gonna have to callhis parole officer."

What is a ransom phone call like

if you kidnapsomebody's bad ass child?

What is that like?

"Hello? Yeah?You took Crazy Pookie?

"You bit off a little more thanyou can chew, didn't you?

"Stop crying, sir.

"Hey, he took the candy.He got in the van.

"He's yours now.

"You really wantto bring him back?

Okay, fine.How much money you got?"