Ali Siddiq - Good Stereotypes

Ali Siddiq Season 5, Ep 7 09/16/2016 Views: 2,124

Ali Siddiq explores a positive, well-researched stereotype about white people. (1:01)

Let me tell you what I learnedabout white people.

And I want all of the racesto take this,

'cause, see,it's been a lot of years

since we didn't had a,a good stereotype.


Lot of stereotypes dumb.

But this one, right here?

Oh, I did the research.

Oh, I did the research.

And they're not gonna lie,'cause they in here.

Now, the good stereotypeabout white people now.

Did the research.

White people love trail mix.

Oh, they love it.Love it.

Eat it every day.

They love it.

Look at them, look at 'em,and they're like,

"Yes, I did have trail mix."

Got me eating it.

Hate trail mix.

Used to hate it.

You know, black people don'tlike stuff without salt on it.

We eating trail mix,it takes, like--

it got too much nutrients here.

What's all these vitaminsand minerals in this?