Al Jackson - White Rhino

Al Jackson Season 15, Ep 9 02/18/2011 Views: 12,932

Al Jackson saw nine white dudes on a basketball court at the same time and thought it was half time. (1:35)

And this is the last I'll say.

And I-I-I say this on behalfof not only all black people,

but all people that don'thave a job, like I don't.

Uh, white people,I'm watching y'all.

I'm a huge sports fanand I'm on to you guys.

White people are slowly, butsurely... taking over sports.

You see how they getall com-- uncomfortable?

Uh-uh, I'm on you all.

I watch.

It started last year in TheNational Championship game

this year betweenDuke and Butler.

All right.

At one point inthe third quarter,

there were nine white dudeson the court at the same time.

I thought it was halftime the whole game.

I was like--

And if you rewind six monthsbefore that-the chase

to see who's gonna be thebest college football player

in the country forthe Heisman Trophy,

there was a white running backthat was five votes away

from winningthe Heisman.

And white people don'teven give a [deleted].

He was your Jackie Robinson,a white running back.

That's like finding awhite rhino or something.

You ain'tnever seen that.

And hisname was Toby.

How beautifulis that?


If somebody-- if somebodyhad told you two years ago

that the best runningback in the country

is gonna bea white dude

and the president wasgonna be black...

you'd be at work like, "Yo,they drug test here, dog.

I don't knowif I like you."