Laura Kightlinger - Grandma Dreams

Laura Kightlinger Season 1, Ep 11 09/11/2007 Views: 2,462

If someone you were close with passes away, they visit you in dreams. (2:54)

>> My grandmother--she passed

away at Christmas time.

So now I have this built-in

sadness, you know, every


You know, because I'm plagued

with the thoughts of, you know,

what would she have given me?


Um, what didn't I get to open

this year, you know?

No, we were close, and this

friend of mine said that since I

was really tight with my

grandmother that she would

probably visit me in my dreams.

[eerie music]

>> Laura.

>> And I thought, "God, that

would be amazing."

Then I thought, well, "How could

I be sure that she'd visit

during the right one?"


>> Ah, yeah.

>> Lower.

>> Laura, honey, it's me,


>> My grandma's here.

All right, everybody, get off.

Grandma, this is Mr. December,

and this is the faceless guy who

chases me.

>> Hi.

>> Hello.

>> Um, do you guys mind?

This is a little embarrassing.

My grandma's here.


>> Eh.

[feigning screaming]

>> There; you happy?

Now get out.

Grandma, I can't believe

you're here.

>> Well, I missed you.

>> God, Grandma, you look


>> I got this dress at the

Salvation Army.

They wanted $5 for it,

but it's got a hole.


I told them it wouldn't be worth

more than $2, but that old

Sarah at the cash register

wouldn't give me nothing for it.

She's such an old bitch.

No wonder her husband left her.

>> There's a guy out here

waiting to throw you down a

flight of stairs.

Should I send him in?

>> I can't take that dream right


Tell him I'm busy.

Like I can't fall down a flight

of stairs without a man.

Grandma, I wish we could see

each other all the time, like we

used to.

>> We'll see each other again,

in 14 birthdays.

>> 14 birthdays?

>> 14 birthdays.

>> Are you saying I'm going to

die in 14 years?

I can't believe this is

happening to me.

>> You, you, you--it's always

about you, isn't it, Laura?

>> Why are you still here?

I had the revenge dream about

1/2 hour ago.

Grandma, you remember my last


>> No.

>> Well, I, uh, look a little


Laura pushed me into a wheat


>> You only remember the bad


>> And you only remember the

Laura things.

Laura's wants, Laura's

needs--Laura, Laura, Laura.

You know, tomorrow night when we

do this, I'm gonna cut your

tongue out.

>> Ha, ha.

>> Hmm, do you want to see the

cheerleaders who made fun of

you in high school?

>> Uh, definitely, but I'm

running behind, so, uh, tell

them to start putting the

leeches on themselves.

So 14 years, huh?

I'll be 44.

That's too young to die.

>> Well, look at it this way: at

least you'll go out before your

ass sags.

>> Well, I guess it's for the

best then.