Jeff Ross - Speed-Roasting Cops

Jeff Ross Roasts Cops Season 1, Ep 1 09/11/2016 Views: 28,024

Jeff Ross roasts a handful of Boston police officers about their jobs, their families, their sex lives and whatever else he can think up. (2:38)

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Body camera on just incaseanything happens


How's it going?- Good, good.

- What's your name?- Joe Ross.

- Joe Ross,good to see you, Joe.

What do you do?- I'm in the crime lab.

I work in DNA.

- You work in DNA?

Nice--oh, no, never mind.

That's [bleep] gross.

Oh, my God,so you work in forensics.

Oh, you're oneof the creepy ones.


So you workwith a lot of, uh,

blood and jizz?

These guys ever tryto get you to find out

who's [bleep] their wife?


- I can't divulgethat information.

I can't divulgethat information, Jeff.

- All right.Anyway...

How you doing,Izzy?

- I'm good, Jeff.

- This is your brotherright here?

- No.


- This guy that lookslike a male stripper?


Magic Mike?

And who are you,Tragic Mike?


What kind of copare you?

- I'm with these,uh, crossing guards.

- You work on a bicycle?

- Yeah, I do.

- Does that, after a few hours,start to hurt your vagina?


That's great.

Why is your brother a copbut he dresses like a magician?


When your brother became a cop,did that inspire you to join?

- I think I was a copbefore him.

- Really?- Yeah.

- Oh, shit.- Not really.

- Whoa.- Not really.

audience: Oh!

- He was a muni cop.

- A muni cop?Wow.

- It's just a security guard

of City Hall,libraries, and parks.

Just saying.Ask the crowd.

Ask them.

They'll tell you.

- Haters.


- Izzy, that's great.

A lot of cops have familywho are also cops, huh?

- Oh, yeah, yeah.

We're all a big family,but, yeah, most--

father and son, right there.

Yeah, there's a lot of brothers,lot of families on the job.

- By the way, I'm not so sureabout the father-son thing.

What's that?

- You want me to do the DNA,just double-check?


- Find out.- All right.

I'll do the jokes, creeper,okay?