Keith Robinson - Jeane Dixon

Lauletta, Prinzi, Robinson Season 2, Ep 25 05/26/1993 Views: 1,225

She was so good at predicting deaths somebody should check her alibi. (1:01)


Would you ever calla psychic hotline?

Dionne and her friends.

You've called it.

How many of you knowwho Jeane Dixon is?

You know Jeane Dixon,you know who she is?

You know she predictedeverybody's death?

John F. Kennedy.

Robert F. Kennedy.

Don't you thinkthis is the bitch

who's killing this folk, man?

Check her alibi.

See where she was at.

She did it.

Somebody's gonna dietonight, I swear to God.

I was watchinginauguration, man.

I seen that.Did you see the inauguration.

You see it?

Is it me or is Chelseathe ugliest little girl

you ever seen in your damn life?

Oh, come on, youknow she's ugly.

Daddy, I love you!

I love you!


Get back, girl!

Get back!

Get back before youget me impeached.

Get back!

[inaudible] likeshe your cousin.

Don't talk aboutAmy, she my cousin.

America, we're phony, man.