The Freak Pad

Monstalibooyah Season 7, Ep 3 01/25/2017 Views: 1,180

The guys check out their weekend beach condo and discuss d**k scars. (1:24)

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- All right, boys.

Say helloto the TelAmeriCorp time-share,

or, as it's gonna be knownthis weekend, da freak pad!

- Oh, my God.- Da freak pad.

- It is like "Cribs"up in this bee-yuh.

But like a good one,like Rob Schneider's.

- All right, all right.Here's some deets on the crib.

Oh, my goodness.

We've got a washer/dryer combo.

Two beds.- Two beds?

- Oh, dude, the clicker?

Got the channel liston the back.

I love when they do that.It's so helpful.

- That is so helpful.

- Dudes, check it out.

Fully inflated volleyball?Game on!

- Yes!- Hey, speaking of games,

they got Twisterup in this bee-yuh.

- Yes!- Hey, if we get girls over,

we should play naked Twisterup in this bee-yuh.

- Yeah!- Naughty boy.

- Sex twistermakes my dick blister.


Which has happened to me before.I've got a scar.

- I got a scar on my dick too.

- Uh-uh.- Yeah, from circumcision.

- Want to see it?

- You want to see it?- Yeah.

- Okay, great, well, you won'tstop asking me about it,

so might as well show it to you.

About to whip it out.

- [blowing loudly]

both: Nah.- Yeah.

- You can't really seethe blister that well today.

- I say we check out the house.

- Yeah, let's check outthe house--this is nice.