Donald Trump Wins Florida and Georgia

November 8, 2016 - Election Night Special 11/08/2016 Views: 19,434

Roy Wood Jr. reveals that Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in Florida and explains why the Democratic nominee never had a chance in Georgia. (1:05)

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it is not looking good, man.

-What's happening out there?-Ah...

Trump won Florida.

(audience groans)

He did. He won Florida and he won Georgia.

Though Georgia'sa little less surprising,

'cause everybody saidit was gonna be a swing state.

But honestly, you know,Hillary would have needed

a bigger black turnoutthan what Obama got...

when he was running.

She would have neededthat many black...

She would have neededall the bl...

-All... -That's, like,every single black person.

All the dead black peoplecome back to life, all...

-(laughter)-the black people.

She'd need, like,the equivalent,

like, like nine Kevin Hartmovies of black people.

-Yeah. -She would needan approval rating

that's higher than Kevin Hart's.

-Wow. -Not even Abraham Lincolnhad a higher approval rating...

She would need, like,every single cast member

from everyTyler Perry movie ever.

-To win.-She would need the audience

of nine Tyler Perry movies

and three Obama inaugurations.

-(laughter)-This is not good, man.

-No, it's not good.-Enjoy your drink.