Joe Rogan - Calling Out Morrissey

Joe Rogan: Rocky Mountain High Season 1, Ep 1 11/21/2014 Views: 16,855

Joe Rogan doesn't think that the lead singer of The Smiths has thought through his stance on war. (1:09)

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is that you don't ever wantto be labeled homophobic,

so you'll let gay peoplesay some ridiculous shit,

and not call them on it,

and that's not goodfor gay people.

Okay, everybody should becalled on their bullshit.

Like Morrissey.You know who Morrissey is?

He's the lead singerof The Smiths.

Brilliant musician,beautiful voice,

but he's a silly bitch,and he's doing this interview.

He's gay and he's a vegan,

so you know he's gotthe best sense of humor.


They're interviewing him,

and he says, in this article--he's talking about war.

He's like, "Waris a heterosexual invention.

If all men were gay,there'd be no war."

And I'm looking at my computergoing "He's right!"

Because if all men were gay,

there'd be no people.

What the [bleep] did you justsay?

Do you knowhow they make people?

It doesn't comefrom men making out,

listening to depressing music,all right?

What--first,that's not right.

You can't just say that,first of all,

because it'snot historically accurate,

because some of the greatestwarriors throughout history

have been gay as [bleep].

Alexander the Great,gay as [bleep].

Julius Caesar, gay as [bleep].

Hitler, vegetarian.

Basicallythe same shit in my book.