Michael Palascak - Hoop Earrings

Michael Palascak Season 1, Ep 2 05/11/2012 Views: 3,472

Michael Palascak describes high schoolers who try to be cool, despite not really understanding what coolness entails. (1:19)

most part, Indiana...

(crowd applauds)Yeah... oh, wow.

It's well represented.

I, uh, it's weird,I grew up in a small town.

It's weird growing upin a small town

because everyone still triedto be cool in high school,

even though no onereally knew how.

Like, one of my friends in myjunior year of high school

got a hoop earring in one year,which is fine,

do whatever you want.I don't care.

Next week, came back,he had a hoop earring

in the other ear, too.I was like,

"Oh, someone is not sureabout something."

I must inquire.

I was like, "Why'd you get ahoop earring in one ear

"last week, and now you havea hoop earring in both ears?

This week was one on layaway?Like what's going..."

My friend said this, he waslike, "Well, the guy said,

"if you get a hoop earring inone ear, that means you're gay.

"If you get a hoop earringin both ears,

that means you're straight."

I was like, "I don't knowif that's true.

But that is a great wayto sell earrings."

They should do thatwith other products.

Right? Like, "How manyiPhones do you own?"

"I'll just take one iPhone."

"Oh, so you like guys."