Bridal Shower

Gang Bang Season 1, Ep 5 05/28/2013 Views: 55,275

A friendly bridal shower turns competitive when each woman tries to prove that her gift will please the bride-to-be the most. (3:00)

You're getting married.

It's such a huge deal.

I can't believeit's happening to me.

Neither can we.

Psych, you're the best.

You guys aremy best friends.

Okay, open yourpresents, bitch.

( Amy )Yes, yes, yes.


I use the samekind myself.

Let's just say itreally knows what it's doing.


Me next,me next, me next.

This is called the Herminatorand it's the same one I use.

It has an alarm clockand voice control.

It is the best.

No offense.

None taken.

Actually, speakingof the best, open mine.

Oh, boom!

Yeah, it's the Good VibrationsSweet Sensations,

and this thingmakes my eyes pop out

of my head and becomemy vagina.

Um, I just foundthe battery life on those

things to be dog shit.

Um, actually, it's alsoa Boingo hotspot

and I know you travel a lot,so I'm just really considerate.

We haven't openedmy gift yet.

It has GPS, you candownload 5,000 songs on it.

Did I mention that you can linkmine up to your Facebook page?

You know what, mine alsofunctions as a mezuzah,

for when youand Adam get a place.

Holy cow!

Oh, a mezuzah's justwhat Jewish people hang

outside their doorto feel safe.

I know.

You guys areamazing friends.

Yeah, but like,I'm your best friend

and I just want youto know that I care

about your vagina morethan I care about my own

and that's like the mostpossible you can care,

if that makes sense.

It does make sense.

But I also care aboutyour vagina a ton.

You know, sometimestoo much, I wonder.

I do wonder that.

You know, I just--for me, I just really

want your vagina tobe on the brink

of exhaustionat all times.

Carly, I haven'topened yours yet.

All the other gifts were soamazing, it's embarrassing.

Let's keep it light,Carly.

Come on!


Now you know I don'tmake a lot of money

working at theContainer Store.

We do know, Carly.

We know, because you'vesaid it a number of times.

There's nothing we can do abouthow much you get paid there.

So I kind of madeyou something.

What is it?

It's also a vibrator.

That's us sophomore yearat the Grand Canyon.

Oh Carly,this is the best one.


This is my favorite one.

You guys,isn't this the best one?

It is nice,colorful.

Here, pass it around.

It took about ninehours from sketching

it out to its fullrealization.

Oh no.


Oh, I guessthe glue's not dry.

I'm sure you juststick it back on.

Some of the shellsare still sandy.

Just be careful,I guess.