Phil Hanley - Getting a Green Card

Phil Hanley Season 4, Ep 12 11/14/2015 Views: 1,586

Native Canadian Phil Hanley talks about the expensive process of getting his green card and describes some of the similarities between the U.S. and his home country. (1:11)

I am from Canada. I just got mygreencard.

(cheering)Thank you.

It was, uh... it was $15,000,

which is,'s not a lot of money for me.

When I paid my lawyer 15 grand,

the first thing he said to mewas, "It's really hard

to get a green cardbecause of September 11."

And I said, "Oh, could you tell'em that I didn't do that?"

When I was applying,people would-would say to me,

they'd be like, "Well, youshould just marry an American."

But marry for immigration--I'm, like, a romantic, right?

I always dreamt about marryingfor money.

Have you ever been to Canada,sir?No.

Oh. You look a little Canadian.

That's a bigcompliment.

It's similar. Canada'svery similar to the States.

Uh, we have Fox News in Canada.

It's not a television network--it's a hunting magazine.

But we have Fox News.