Personality Adjustment

Love and Rocket Season 4, Ep 4 02/06/2008 Views: 9,408

After scoring a big contract, Professor Farnsworth introduces Bender to the Planet Express ship's new personality. (1:56)

we come to the "heart"of our operation.

Pun definitely intended.

( laughing )

( groans, gasps )


My family has beenmaking these hearts

since the 1900s.

Tastes mayhave changed,

but our secretrecipe sure hasn't.

( chugging noisily )

Whoa! Letterslike U and R

can mean words like"you" and "are."

Here, Leela.

"U-R-2 cute."

Perhaps.What's your point?

I've never been ableto put into words

how I feel about you

but, somewhere among thesetrillions of hearts,

those words must already exist,

and I'm going to find them.

( muffled grunting )

( gunshots )

( panicked gasps )

( electrical buzzing )

( moaning )

So, do we havethe contract?

PROFESSOR: With that big new Romanticorp contract,

I've been able to make

those government-mandated upgrades

you've all beensuing me about.

Ooh, look.

You taped up the cracksin the dark matter reactor.

And you got a cage for the lion.

( snarling )

♪ If you wantto call me baby... ♪

Hey, who's been messingwith the radio?

This isn't alternative rock,it's college rock.

Oh, it must have beenthe new improved

ship's personality softwareI installed.

Yeah, it was me.

It's a cute song.

Listen, ship!

No one changesmy stations!

I hope you have a good mechanic!

It even comeswith an adjustable voice.

We each get oneof the four buttons...

FEMALE VOICE:...remember, Bender?

That was the deal.

( giggling )


Did you just say...( giggling )?

FEMALE VOICE:If you don't like the stations,

you could with my buttons

till you find somethingwe both enjoy.

( lusty purring )

Oh, gosh,that came out all wrong.

Too late, baby.

You said it!