National Selfie Day - It's All About Lighting

Tuesday, June 21, 2016 06/21/2016 Views: 132

In the name of vanity, Spike Feresten, Eli Roth and Steve Agee share their favorite National Selfie Day traditions. (2:06)

It's National Selfie Day!

-(imitates retching)-(cheers and applause)

No. Don't. Aah.


I'm a (bleep) hypocrite.I do it all the time.

This is the high holidaythat honors a practice

of a taking a pictureto show your ex

you're doing way betterwithout her!

-Thank you very much, Sarah!-(applause and cheering)

Yeah. Yeah.

That's right.

Fun fact: the word selfieis actually portmanteau.

"Self" becauseit's a photo of yourself,

and "ie"because you're an egomaniac.

Clickbait Web sites everywhereare capitalizing

by sharing their tipsfor taking the perfect selfie,

such as holding the cameraabove eye level.

Ah, look at that! Look. Oh.

See how there

it hides any weird sagsor neck bags

or vampire bites or...?


Or the place where allyour blood was replaced

with darkness and oil.


Just to prove how much anglesmatter, this is...

I just want to show you.

This is the exact same phototaken at a lower angle.

So this is what can happen.It's the...

-(laughter and groaning)-So, you got it?

-It's all about lighting.-(applause and cheering)

It's really about lighting.

To be fair, I don't knowif this is a selfie,

or if someone just strappeda GoPro on a HoneyBaked Ham.

-I'm not 100% sure.-(laughter)

But comedians,

what is your favoriteNational Selfie Day tradition?

Spike Feresten.

Um, I like to save my phonebattery for dick-pic Thursday.

-(laughter)-That's really...

-HARDWICK: Coming up. Coming up.-Two days.

(applause and cheering)

Eli Roth.

I like to throw acidin a hotter person's face.

-(laughter)-All right.

-All right.-(applause and cheering)

Steve Agee.

Chris, I like to wonder whyall my friends blocked me.

-(laughter)-HARDWICK: Well, Steve...


Steve, you talk on the showlike you're not aware

you're wearing a microphone.

-(laughter) -AGEE:Is that what this thing is?

HARDWICK:That's what that thing is.

Hello. Is that what this is?

HARDWICK: No, that's...Now it's just way worse.

I like to wonder why allmy friends block me, Chris.