Donald Trump's Contentious Campaign

June 20, 2016 - Jim Himes and Jack Garratt 06/20/2016 Views: 32,902

GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump terminates campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and comes under fire for his tone-deaf response to the mass shooting in Orlando, FL. (7:28)

But let's move on nowto the presidential race

where one candidatehas just taken a big step

toward makinghis campaign great again.

It's a big shakeupfor the Donald Trump campaign

just weeks before the Republicanconvention is set to begin.

Trump campaign's manager,Corey Lewandowski, is out.

Lewandowski has been partof Trump's inner circle

from the very beginning,from even before day one.

He is part of that sort oforiginal group

of Trump supporterswho were with him

since he came downthat escalator at Trump Tower.

Ah, yes, the escalatorthat brought us Trump.

It almost seems like whoeverwas on that escalator ride

got to be partof the Trump campaign.

It doesn't seemlike they were planned.

Like, Trump was just ridingand going, "Who is this guy?

I like his style.I like him. He's on."

"Uh, sir,that is the escalator railing."

"Yeah, I want himon the campaign.

I need more black support.I'll take it."

-(laughter and groaning) -"Uh,sir, I don't think you can..."

"Hurry! He's getting awayHe's getting away!"


So it appears

Corey Lewandowski's gripon power was not as strong

as his gripon young female reporters.

And I can only imagine whatit must have been like for him

when Donald Trump told himthat he was off the campaign.

You know, Lewandowski probablywalked into the conference room.

Trump was sitting in a big chairbehind a mahogany table,

and Trump looked at himand said...

(dramatic music plays)

"Corey... your servicesare no longer necessary."


(dramatic music plays)

"You're a liability to thecampaign and need to leave.

Oh, and one more thing."

(dramatic music plays)

"You're... fired up,

and that'll serve you wellin the future."


"Oh, an you're fired."

Uh, now firing his controversialcampaign manager

as he pivots tothe general election may be one

of the smartest decisionsthis entire campaign.

And just like most of Trump'sother smart decisions,

it turns outsomeone else made it.

We hear from sourcesinside the campaign

that it really wasDonald Trump's children

who were responsiblefor the final decision.

First and foremost,

I'm told that it washis daughter Ivanka.

She said, "Either he goes,or I can't do this anymore."


-Ivanka with the ultimatum.-(laughter)

-"It's either him or me."-(laughter)

I meanwhen she puts it that way,

it's really no choicefor Donald Trump at all.

Because, I mean, let's face it--he can't fire his daughter.

And he can't banghis campaign manager.

-(laughter and groaning)-So...

(applause and cheering)

Now there may be many reasons

why Ivanka wantedto get rid of Lewandowski.

I mean, one of them could bethat under his management,

Trump's pollshave dropped faster

-than Carly Fiorina on a podium.-(laughter)

And... and it's not justin the polls.

Some of those high-profileRepublican lawmakers declined

to go anywherenear the latest round

of comments from Donald Trump.

-I'll late for, so... -...saidyesterday that made you.

MAN: They'll duck into offices...

-I've got a quick...-I know you do.

...cut off interviews.

And they'll avoid uttering his name.

MAN: Majority Whip John Cornyn is done

talking about Trump until after the election.

Yeah, I'm not gonna becommenting

on the presidential candidatetoday.

It seems that like it's now,"I don't want to comment,"

and justto run out the clock here.

Yeah. Welcome to our world.

They senators look likesuch idiots

ducking into random rooms,you know?

That's all they're doingthe whole time,

just to avoidtalking about Trump.

Like, if I was them,I would just make sure

that I'm carrying somethingI can eat the entire time.

And then, if the reportersjumped out and were like,

"Sir, can we ask youabout Donald Trump?

Senator, Senator,what do you think about Trump?",

I'd just be like...(muffled speech)


"Senator, what are you eating?"

-"It's a dick. It's a dick."-(laughter)

"I'm eating a dick.I'm eating a dick.

-I didn't want to... A dick."-(applause and cheering)

And you know, the truth isit's easy to see

why Republicans don't want to beassociated with Donald Trump.

I mean,he keeps giving them reasons.

Just like last week,when he let everyone know

that he's getting the bandback together.

I called for a banafter San Bernardino,

and was metwith great scorn and anger.

But many are sayingthat I was right to do so.

And althoughthe pause is temporary,

we must find outwhat is going on.

We have to do it.

We have to stop peoplefrom pouring into our country.

-We have to stop it.-(applause and cheering)

Until we find outwhat the hell is going on.

Look, man, anyone who's beenin a relationship will tell you

there's no such thingas a temporary ban.

You don'ttemporarily pause anything.

If someone ever tells you

that they want to take atemporary pause, you're single.


Yeah, Trump insistsit's temporary.

It's like,what, after seven months,

he's gonna come and be like,

"Muslims, Muslims,it's cool now!

"I figured outwhat was going on!

"Come on back!

"It turns outthere's a very small subset

"of radical Wahhabistswho believe in violent jihad

"and that has nothing to do

"with the vast majorityof peaceful Muslims.

Why didn't anyone tell me?!"

(cheers and applause)


It's obvious.

It's obvious why Trumpis having such a tough month.

It's because

he won't stop sayingcrazy (bleep) all the time.


There was Trump's big thought

on how the Orlando shootingcould have been stopped.

MAN: Trump endorsed by the National Rifle Association,

said that if some club-goers had been armed,

the tragedy could have been less horrific.

If some of thosewonderful people had guns

strapped right here,right to their waist,

or right to their ankle,

and one of the people inthat room happened to have it,

and goes "boom, boom,"you know what?

That would have beena beautiful,

beautiful sight, folks.

(audience murmuring, groaning)

Boom, boom?

Right in the fore...?

I'm sorry, but if you ever thinkthat someone being shot,

whether criminal or otherwise,can be described

as a beautiful, beautiful sight,you are one deranged (bleep).

(laughter,applause and cheering)

You're not describing...a killing.

You're describing a sunset.

Like, Donald Trump,what is wrong with you?

You know, now, Republicanswho are really nervous

about Trump's candidacydo actually have another option.

You see, we found this out,but on Friday,

a former Trump advisortold Politico

that he thinks Donald Trumpwould drop out of the race

if someone offered him$150 million. Yeah.

Which, I know, sounds likea Kickstarter waiting to happen,

but... but... there's a catch.

I hear these,like, little rumors.

"He wants 150 million dol..."Do you believe this?

You could offer mefive times that amount,

and I wouldn't do it.

One of the peoplewas supposedly quoted,

"He might do it for $5 billion."

Now, for $5 billion, I guess wehave to think about it, right?

(crowd laughter)



I love... I love how Trump'shonesty always betrays him.

Yeah, he can't hold it in.

Because most politicians know,because it's fictional money,

you should turn it downin a sanctimonious manner

that makes you look patriotic.

You got to be like,"There's no amount of money

"that can buy my pride!

You can't buy America!"

And Trump's like,"Uh, yeah, you can.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah."

Mr. Trump, what are you doing?It's fictional money!

It doesn't matter.All my money is fictional money.

Now I'll have 15 billionfictional dollars...!