Eric Andre - Pimp My Ride

Ross, Kosta, Goldman, Boulger, Andre, Hoogasian, Scolaro Season 2, Ep 6 06/21/2007 Views: 10,102

Eric Andre's favorite guy on "Pimp My Ride" is Big Dane. (2:14)

What's this Puerto Rican kidtalking about?

Um, my dadis actually from Haiti.

My dad is Haitian, and my momis from the Upper West Side.

Who'd have thunk, a Jew...?

And, uh, they made a littlebwam-chika-bam-bam.

♪ Mom had jungle fever

♪ Mom had jungle fever!

So, ba... so, basically,that is why

I look like Erniefrom Sesame Street.


This microphone smells likecomics' bad breath, by the way.

But it tastes like dreamsup here.

I was watching Pimp My Ride.

You guys like that show?

You know what I'm talking about, Pimp My Ride?

Yeah, you do.

Um, if you don't knowwhat the show is,

basically, they takea crappy car,

and they put TV screensall over it.

It's the premise of the show.

So my favorite, my favorite guyon pimp my ride is Big Dane,

because I feel like he's themost creative guy on the show.

Like, everybody else is, like,

"Oh, I'm just gonna putsome rims on it.

Or, "I'm just gonna paint somecrazy-ass flames on the side."

Big Dane comes out and he'slike, "All right, Jew,

"we know you like to eatin your car,

"so in the back of your truck

"we put a industrialmeat grinder!"

"All right, Kevin, we knowyou like Michael Jackson.

"In the back of your Carollawe put a hyperbolic chamber!

"That's where that freaksleeps!"

"All right, Stacey, we knowyou like history.

"We know you'rea big World War II buff.

"In the back of your truck,we put a concentration camp!

"Actually, it's just a fogmachine and some barbed wire."


The budget for the show'srunning thin.