"Like They Do" (Official Video) - Omarion feat. Nikki Glaser - Uncensored

Really Real R&B Season 1, Ep 13 06/21/2016 Views: 4,575

Nikki and Omarion record an R&B track using embarrassing sex stories as their inspiration. (3:34)

(tense music)

- So, I hear you have a sex story.

- I do.

- Something happened, something went wrong.

- [Voiceover] Take seven, AB mark.

- I unraveled it to throw it out

and the condom was gone.

- No!

- [Voiceover] All right, we're speeding and rolling.

- We barely, barely avoided mom walking in

on son getting B.J.which would have been--

- My favorite porn.

- For about the first 30 seconds, it was basically

like the best until she began to shriek.

- [Voiceover] Roll cameras!

- There was this one time where I thought

I killed a girl with my penis.

(dramatic music)

- Omarion.

Every R&B song, I feel,is about how smooth

and cool and fucking good at sex they are.

I met a bunch of guys who have these stories

of like shit going downwhen they be fucking.

- Right.

- And I feel like there's no representation of them in R&B.

- Oh my God, this is my area, you know what I mean?

Trust me.

I'll write this for you.

- Do you think we can make this a hit?

- Definitely.

♪ Not safe, y'all

♪ Omarion

♪ Glaser

♪ With Nikki Glaser

- Gross, son.

- [Voiceover] On my period.

- [Voiceover] So I'll stick it in your ass.

- [Voiceover] Where's the lube?

- Yes, I can.

♪ Glaser, Omarion

♪ Best friends

- Are you serious?

Dude, you fucked a girlso hard she passed out?

These guys are losers, they need help.

What are you doing here?

You have a tribal tattoo and a six pack.

Go back to Equinox you beautiful asshole.

♪ We're going number one with this one ♪