Cy Amundson - Social Media Selfishness

Cy Amundson Season 5, Ep 8 09/16/2016 Views: 3,245

Cy Amundson is tired of everyone begging for positive reinforcement on social media and imagines how people would have done that in the pre- Facebook era. (2:04)

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Tell you this,

I recently lost a friend,

uh, on Facebook.

And also in real life.

Uh, I lost him because of thissocial media interaction.

Uh, my friend postedthe following:

"Happy birthdayto the most amazing, unique,

"funny and creativesix-year-old son

"a man could ever ask for.

"Daddy loves you so much.

Happy birthday, Timmy."

So I went onand commented on that,

"Hey, man.

Why didn't you tag Timmyin your status?"

And he replied to that,

"Because he's six, he doesn'thave a Facebook account."

And so I replied to that,

"Yeah, exactly.

Stop that shit."

You can't wish someoneHappy Birthday on Facebook

if they don't have an account.

That means it's for you,

and that's (bleep) crazy.

But we all just let it happen

because of the disconnectof social media.

Like 15 years ago,if you would've wanted

that same perversereinforcement from me,

you know the weird behavioryou had to go through to get it?

You'd have literally hadto call me on my telephone.

"Hey, Cy.

"It's my son Tim'ssixth birthday today.

"So I just wanted to say'Happy Birthday, Tim.

"'You light up every roomyou walk into.

"'My days will never be dark nowdue to your presence.

"'And I just love youso much, bud.

"'Daddy loves you so much.Hugs and kisses.

I love you.I love you, bud.'"

"All right, so is he on theother line then, or...

Conference call situation?"

"Nope, he's in his room playingwith his toys by hisself.

"But did I do good?

"Do you like me now?Did I do good?

God, I'm so sad."