Tracy Morgan - Forensics

Rogers, Owen, Roberts, Brown Season 1, Ep 0103 09/08/2002 Views: 9,562

People in the 'hood do their own forensics. (1:48)

Women are no joke, womenare fierce though.

Women are different.Y'all get right to the point.

"Bitch, what?"

( imitates cat hissing )

I love to see the females fight.

Right, remember, after school?

"Yo, today's going beall right fight."

They be fightingand then that titty pop out.

Everybody be--

all the dudes be like--"Oh! Oh! Oh! Yo! Yo, Derek.

Yo, Derek.Yo, titty came out."

And you know,we gotta exaggerate.

"Yo, her nipples was like this,'kay?"

Exaggerate, you know?

"Crazy nipples, man."

When the sisters fight,you know who won the fight

'cause there be extensionsall over the floor.

"That's Tanisha.

Look,that's Tanisha's.

Just like in the 'hood.

We do our own forensics.

( laughter )

Something about deathin the 'hood

you know, that bugs us out,right?

Somebody gets shot.

They be on the floor like this.

You know, they keep the bodyout there like this.

Why their arm is alwaysturned up like this.

( laughter )

Everybody in the projectscoming around the body.

Detectives out there.

We be standing by the... rightby the yellow tape like this.

Just-- for hours.

Just like the-- like the bodygonna get up and walk away.

( laughter )

Come with me to the store

we'll go get some potato chips,or something.