Jen D'Angelo - A Classic Bozo - Uncensored

Point Broken Season 3, Ep 9 04/28/2016 Views: 867

Jen D'Angelo reveals why she got into a car accident and wonders how sharks manage to have sex. (1:20)

I'm such an idiot.

Is anyone else here

like a straight-up idiot?

Just like a classic bozoor a straight-up buffoon?

[scattered cheers]Yeah!

Oh, it's the best.

I recently gotin a car accident

'cause I got distractedby an ice cream billboard.

I was literallysitting in traffic

and there there was,like, a billboard

on the sideof the road

for, like,fudge ice cream,

and I reacted to itjust like

a hunk checking outa beach babe

in, like, an '80s comedy.

I was just like...

and then slammedinto the car in front of me.

I'm allowed to own a gun,you guys!

That's not howit should work.

That's crazy.

Help mefigure something out.

How do sharks fuck?

Like, I don't mean,like, anatomically.

Like, I get that, like,

something goes in something,gets all swishy,

quick kiss on the cheekand then bye-bye!

But, like, what I don'tunderstand is, like,

if you're a shark,

you don't know that you looklike a shark, right?

There's no mirrorsin the ocean.

So if you don't knowthat you look like a shark,

how are you gonna let somethingthat looks like a shark

put its dick in you?

That would be like ifPaul Giamatti was, like,

constantly tryingto have sex with me,

and I was like,"No, Paul Giamatti.

Get away, Paul Giamatti."

And then one day I walkedby the mirror

for the first timein my life,

and I'm Paul Giamatti.