Ben Carson Rejects a Trump Cabinet Post

November 15, 2016 - Desus Nice & The Kid Mero 11/15/2016 Views: 42,054

Former presidential hopeful Ben Carson declines a cabinet position under President-elect Trump because he feels too inexperienced to lead a government agency. (1:37)

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But first, breaking news

about the new Trumpadministration.

REPORTER: Ben Carson will not accept the cabinet position.

An advisor to Carson says the former presidential candidate

does not believe he has the government experience necessary

to run an entire agency.

I... I'm sorry, what?!

Ben Carson doesn't thinkhe's qualified to run an agency?

He wanted to runall the agencies!

I don't understand, Ben.What were you thinking

when you were runningfor president?

Like, was he actually asleepthat whole time,

and then now he's like,"I just had the craziest dream"?

What are you doing, Ben? Like...

And I'm not sayingBen Carson is-is qualified

for a cabinet position.But as a doctor,

I feel like he'sautomatically more qualified

than anybody elseDonald Trump knows.

I wouldn't be surprised if Trumpgives Health and Human Services

to Antonio Sabato, Jr.

because he spent five yearson a hospital TV show.

I will say this though,I will say this,

I do appreciateDr. Carson's honesty.

But eight monthsafter endorsing Donald Trump,

that's a weird timeto have a moment of clarity.

It's no wonder that people arejudging Ben Carson right now.

I-I will say this though,maybe, just maybe,

maybe Carson started warning usabout this a year ago,

but he moved so slow

that the warningonly came out now.

He was saying this last year.

"Nobody should be in government

"without experience.

Merry Christmas 2015,everybody."