Chicken Court

A Tale of Two Santas Season 4, Ep 2 02/04/2008 Views: 8,238

After Bender is mistaken for the real Santa Claus, he's hauled into court. (2:01)

Bender, you're a genius.

( laughs )

This creates an unrealisticstandard of beauty.

( grunts )

Now it's time for Santato screw open his present.

( gulping )

It's Santa.

And we gothim cornered.

Oh, I smell a juicypromotion for me.

And a juicy rehiring backonto the force for me.

( gulps )

Ah, oh... wha?

( spectators murmuring )

This Xmas Day session of courtwill come to order.

The HonorableJudge Whitey presiding.

Santa Claus, you stand accusedof crimes against humanity.

How do you plead?

Not Santa!

There he is again!

Now, Pramela,

I know it's scaryin that there witness box,

but 'taint no needto fear me.

( cackles )( screams )

I'm sorry,I thought you was corn.

Now, would you pleasepoint at that robot over there?

( all gasping and murmuring )

No further questions.

( all cheeping )

Daddy done good, huh?

Isn't it true thatyou have been paidfor your testimony?

Yes, you gave mea dollar and some candy.

And yet, you haven't saidwhat I told you to say.

How can any of us trust you?

( sobbing )

Quit badgering the witness.

Badger!? Where!?

( cackles )

Whereas I have a ham dinnerwith mayonnaise

waiting for me at my mansion,

I find the defendant guilty.

( all gasping )

Santa Claus,

I hereby sentenceyou to be executedas sundown.


It's not fair.

I just hopethat dumb chicken

is ashamed of himself.

( crowing )